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Quotes About Life and Love

->What is Love, how to describe Love.

-> 1st of all no one can describe about love ,we can only feel and we can try to express our feeling about love but no one can explain.
-> When we love someone then we will follow blindly and think about his or her always but when we have to express our feeling, we are unable to express -that is the definition of love. 

->Below is the unique quotes about love ,so that anyone can try expressing their love with his or partner.

I ask your happiness from God, I pray for your happiness,
I think what shall I ask you but still, I ask your love for my entire life.

Love Quotes for her

Who truly loves you, 
only he always bends in-front of you for your happiness.

Many people can die for you,
but i want to die with you

My wish is that when i remember you, you feel me.

How much sadness are there but you are only my happiness.

When i am Sad then I remember you and all sadness gets changed to happiness.

Quotes About Life and Love
I am a day but you are evening,
I am sleep but you are dream,
I am word but you are sentence,
When you are with me then only i exist.

When i miss you then my eyes doesn't tear,
But my heart start crying.

Someone want money ,Someone want diamond,
But i always want your happiness which is priceless for me.

Quotes About Life and Love
I want to be old with you,
I want to die with you, 
But i cant live without you.
iloveyou quotes

You make me cry its fine,
You forget me its fine,
When i forget you then i am not alive.

Without you i am nothing,
With you i am something,
But together we are everything.  ->This is Quotes love.

When you touched me first time, 
I felt like i am flying in the sky around stars.

When we don't talk to each-others,
then my day doesn't pass neither night.

When you see me with a smile, 
I feel like i got every happiness in the world.

You can forget me, you can leave me,
But remember i am always for you.

Without you i can not fight with anyone,
With you i can fight with entire world.

You are not my habit ,you are not my need,
You are always soul of my body. ->True love Quotes

Wheneven i  go away from you,
then i miss you a lot.

When i look into your eyes,
I see myself in your eyes like two soul has become one.

You have no idea,
how difficult is to stop thinking about you.

To the world,you may be one person,
But for me your are my universe.

Being in love with you like world is roaming around me,
and i m flying in the sky with you.
Love Quotes for Him or Her

When i saw you first time then it was normal,
but when i know you then i fall in love with you for forever.

You and me are just one soul with two bodies.

True Love Quotes

When i close my eye i see you in-front of myself.

My dream doesn't complete without you, 
you are always coming in my dream and making it beautiful.

I may not be with you all the time,
but when ever you will think you will get me in front of you always.

Wherever i leave in the world, how far i am from you,
believe me i always loved you as much as i am with you.

If you are angry then i will convince you always,
but if you will not talk then i can not leave without you.

If you and me are together then all world looks very beautiful,
and without you i can not live anywhere.

Love to me like ,i want to live with you, die with you and if you needed me i can jump from a taller building for you.

You are nothing but for me you are my soul.

I may not be your first date, kiss but i want to be last love for you.

Your words are my food, your breath is my breath,
and you are everything for me.

No matter what will happen, no matter what you will do,
but i will love you forever.

My love for you is a endless journey,
Starting at forever but ending at never.

I always want to live for you,
love for you and die for you. ->True Love Quotes

you have changed my nightmares with beautiful dreams,
my worries with happiness and my fear with our love.

When i walk with you on the silent road and when my hand touches your hand,I feel like ,i have got everything in the world.

When i see in your eyes ,i found my life in-front of my eyes.

To love is nothing,
to be loved is something,
but to love and be loved is everything for us.

I Need you like fish can not live without water .

I want you like thirsty want water.

Words may be false,
I can lie,
but my heart can't lie and always loves you.

Love is blind , its true
I am blind in your love, its also true.

I will love you, until the moon and stars exists.

Whenever i see you, i feel like i just keep watching you.

I Like you , like someone like god,
I Love you like, someone love life.

World has nothing given me, neither life has given anything.
But you have given me Love to live in the world.

What is Life without you,
Its Like Heat without Beat.

When you Cry, My heart cries,
When you are Happy, I feel more happy,
I am unable to Express ,Pure Love can not be express in words.

Everyone Gives heart in Love,
I will die in your Love, that much I Love you.

Why someone loves each others,
Because they made for each-others like us.
Love Quotes

I Never knew, You were everything for me.

When I fell Sad  and i hug you, my all sadness goes away.

When i go to sleep , i see your face,
I fell like you are with me, nothing else needed.

When you see me with lovely smile ,I fill like flying in the sky.

People think ,someone fall in love only once. It`s not about me. I fall in love every time when you see me with lovely smile.

I love you more than anything in the world,
you have made me a happiest person,
you are everything to me,
and i can not live without you and i will love you forever.

I will never stop loving you, no matter how worst situation is,
My heart is always for you and always will be.

I love you like dying guy love his life,
without you ,my life is half,
when you are with me then i don't need anything.

when i am with you, its very lovely,
Even our life is less to live together.

I love my that much, i can give u everything in the world.

Its very painful, when you are there,But still not with me.
Love Quotes 

If  God ask me what you need in the world,
I will say you and your love.

I am happy with you like heart with beats.

When i don't see you,
my day doesn't pass neither my night.

I was waiting full day to see you,
When you look at me my day becomes very special.

I have got your love, now i don't want to lose,
you are my love and you will remain mine.

My Heart says, What have you done,
My dark night has become sinning night.

you are my world, you are my eye,
When you are not with me then world is silent for me.

When my eye saw your eye, Everything has changed,
Now world look lovely and different.

meaning of my life is you,
meaning of love is you,
meaning of dreams is you when you come in by dreams.

i don't know what is love,
i don't know how to love,
but i know when you are happy then i am very happy.

If you would say then i can get star,moon for you,
i can change wind path for you,but don't say to live without you.

My hear says to liste to heart beat,
my Hear beat says to love you so-much.

how i live you like you also love me,
then you will enjoy the love.

I have kept your love in my heart like moon has kept moonlight.
True Love quotes

I Love you and I will love you always,
Even after my death ,i will keep loving you.

When i miss you, my tears flow, and says we will meet again for forever.

My wish and my love is to live with you and die with you.

I was not able to say , you also not able to say,
We are in Love with each others.

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