2018 Best Resume Formats For Job Interview

->Why resume Play important role for Job Search.

-> Resume is very important to get the jobs call or to get shortlisted for the interview as it describe about yourself,Your skill-sets,Experience ,Knowledge, so you need to create good and effective resume.
-> If your resume is not effective then you will not get many calls for interview and it will become very difficult to get a job.
-> If you have a good resume then you will get many calls for an interview and you will have more chances to get job very quickly because of that we need to choose best resume format for us.
-> while writing effective resume,we have to more elaborate our skills as we are indirectly selling our skills,if we have elaborate in right way in resume then hiring manager or technical manager will notice that and if it's different from others then resume Will be more effective.
->after describing skills, we need to elaborate skills with job profile or day to day activities,it directly means you have working experience with your skills and how depth you are aware or you have exposure to it.
->so always include key points with explanation in your job profile section and try to include everything,which will make it effective for anyone.
->as we know for any kind of job we require set of skills to perform and if we have not explain much then it will be difficult for anyone to select your resume. So always try to highlight your skills as much as you can,which will help you to get shortlisted for interview.
->please don't write something which you don't know and if want to write then at least go through course and questions,because many interviewers will ask you questions from your resume and if you know that it means you have knowledge or experience and if you can't answer then they will not shortlist you,so please keep in mind while writing any skills or job profile.
->While writing job profile, whatever you have experience or knowledge try to add to the 1st page of resume and also for your present company,even if your job profile is different.which will help hiring manager to notice your skills in details and it will give you advantage when they don't want to go for second page.

 How to write effective Resume for Freshers, Experienced and senior level
->How to write Good resume
 ->There are 3 types of resume format 
    -> Chronological Resume
      -> Functional Resume
      -> Combination Resume
Now you will be thinking what different we are going to talk here which is not available in any other website, Don't Worry we have many important point to talk here and which is common for any type of resume then we will come back to resume types.
->1st you have to write your own resume by yourself ,so that you will be aware about all the points you            have mentioned in your resume and also if someone see it then they can believe that it written by yourself        not by any professional.
->No one like resume which is written by any professional and it will easily get caught when they will talk to     you over the phone or F2F while screening your resume.
->When someone see your resume or search your resume with job title or skill set then it should get 
searched easily on any job portal sites and it should be related to your skill sets.
->Recruiter or HR easily can see your skill set what they are looking for, if its not clear on 1st page then  
   they will not read another page instead of that they will go for next option.
->When you are looking for job in specific skill set then we need to highlight that skill sets.
->When we are writing about your current or past job roles then we need to write about job profile and it  
hould clearly related to your skill and your defined skill, please don't write any thing different which you
don't know because later on it will create issues for you while interviewing.

-> Important Point- Please follow right type of resume format ,so that it should highlight three point on 1st page -skills, job profile and  your strength.

Now how you will write about your strength.
 ->1st you need to find that you are looking the jobs into technical or non technical filed.
 -> If you are looking the jobs in technical filed then always you have to highlight your technical job profile and you should update in depth knowledge about it because before some one call you for interview, before that your resume should tell them how good you are for that role.
-> While writing about job profile for present or past company then always focus for something different which no one mention in there resume or no one write it generally.
->If you will write basic job profile then many time your resume will not get shortlisted for technical interview while reviewing by technical manager.
-> It has been already preferred to see what you know different and it should be mentioned in your resume, so that they can be interested to call you for interview.
-> I have seen many cases when you put some unique technical or in-depth technical point in your current company job profile then technical managers will be always interested to call you for interview and your job chance will increase.please see below picture to write good job profile.

Best Resume Format Examples

How to Write Resume

-> We can see in above picture of Resume sample ,it started with common set objective and then the main point comes as skill set and all the skills with version are defined on the 1st page itself and just below that work experience with job profile. When someone will search the resume database with skill sets or job description and if they see everything on 1st page then obviously they will like it because they have all the required information on 1st page and it will save there time and they can easily understand the requirement.

-> 2nd point ,Resume should not contain more number of pages because no one like to read like a book as we know today world are focus on time,they don't have that much time to read no of pages of any resume.
so if you have 5-7 yrs of experience then it should be max 3 pages with valuable contents,it not like what you have did in your job ,same has to be there,suppose you have completed any courses and now you know ,so you can mention in job profile what you can do with your knowledge.

What is CV or What is difference between resume and CV.
->CV means for curriculum vitae, this is also a  type of resume and its main purpose is to include everything like work history with job profile and generally  CV is longer than a resume. People with highly experienced people uses CV.
 experience you should update your educational qualification with table ,because every one like table format as its easy to read data.
Best Resume Format 

Resume format for fresher

-> We can see in above figure, how its different from other resume and still its taking about skills,education and project ,where you have used your knowledge.
->resume page should not be more than 2 page for fresher,after education details always talk about you college workshop ,so that it will be different any informative for Recruiter or HR.

Now we will talk about all the Types of Best Resume Format

->here we have benefit ,advantage and weakness of all the 3 types of resume, please see.
Chronological Resume Functional Resume Combination Resume
Chief focus Work experience / Education Skills Skills and Job Profile
Work experience section At the top, relevant At the bottom, irrelevant Right below after skills
Skills section In the middle, relevant At the top, relevant At the top, relevant
Layout Professional and traditional Non-conventional, confusing Professional and creative
 Software scannability Scannable Non-scannable Scannable
Main advantage Easy to read, universal Conceals flaws in work history Validates skills and Job Profile
Main weakness Very common Suggests you’re hiding something Suitable for few skilled candidates
Good for Entery Level Candidates Candidates who don’t want to seem overqualified Experienced professionals
Not ideal for Career changers Students,career changers, entry-level candidates entry-level candidates

1. Chronological Resume Format
->Below figure is the format of chronological type resume, we can easily see that it focused on job profile and its not focused on skill set, which makes it less valuable compare to Combination resume..
->as we discussed earlier why job skills has to be highlighted and why its very important ,job profile is also very important but when recruiter will see your resume thy will not understand much about job profile as they are not much aware about the technology /skills.
->when skill sets are highlighted then  any recruiter or Hr can match with used skills and experience ,so they can easily forward your resume for interview.Resume Format Examples-

resume sample

2.Functional resume

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Skills Summary
  • Additional Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education

-> It include all the above point in the above order while writing Functional resume.
->As attached resume format ,it only highlight on only  your skills and experience on 1st page and its not focused on work history or job profile ,which make it less valuable compare to any type of resume.
->As we have discussed above ,we have to focus on skill job profile experience and last education ,personal details and also we have discussed why its important.
->I would suggest not to write any type of resume, see the format and write it by your self to make it extra ordinary.
Resume Format Examples.
Best Resume Format

3.Combination resume Format
->As name indicate , its combination of both type of resume and we all know when we include two process make another as hybrid process then it remove the weakness of other function.
->this is very popular ,useful and effective  resume for everyone ,as we have already discussed at the beginning of the page was an example of combination resume.

  • Contact information
  • Skills Summary
  • Additional Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education

->It includes all the above point to create combination resume format.

->While writing any type of resume ,please make it simple and effective,even used font should be normal and also while writing resume ,please always focus on you skill to create best resume format.

->Writing a resume is not a simple task as its required to put right skills with write job profile.

->please don't put your picture on the resume as it not required instead of that you have done any certification then put it with the logo that will be very good and it will attract anyone to look into it.

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